Collections & Deliveries within Port Elizabeth and surrounding towns in air-conditioned vehicles.

Exports including documentation such as – Veterinary Health Certificates, State Vet Clearance, obtaining Import Permits and CITES Permits, South African Customs Clearance, Air Waybills and more.

Imports including documentation such as – providing the correct RSA Veterinary Health Certificate, Airline / Customs & State Vet clearances on arrival at port of entry, obtaining the South African Import Permit and more.

Wooden & Plastic IATA approved travel containers.

Airline bookings & transfers and booking quarantine space.

Services Move A Pet provides but are not limited to, include...

Travel Containers.

Airfreight chargers are calculated using the dimensions of the travel container and its volumetric weight, rather than the actual weight of your pet.

When completing the estimation request form, please use the measuring guide provided below. This will allow us to give you an accurate price.

Owners are allowed to place blankets, small beds and certain toys in the travel container with the pet for comfort.

For longer journeys we recommend the owners to sleep in an item of clothing (t-shirt) for a few nights before departure and for that item to then travel with the pet. The item will have your scent and does have a calming effect on the animal. We also provide the travel containers a few weeks before departure in order for the pet to become familiar and comfortable with the space.

How To Measure You Your Animal.

When  measuring your pet/s for their container, use the diagram on the right..

A - Length from nose to root of tail

B - Height from the ground to the tip of the ears.

C - Length from shoulder to shoulder, across the chest.

Wooden Container

Plastic Container

Past Travellers In Their Containers